Ready summer operations in the capital 


Zacatecas, Zac.- The mayor of Zacatecas reported that for this summer vacation season, a collaboration with the different corporations is ready to guarantee the safe arrival of visitors to the capital, in addition to the fact that the city council will continue to work with guards but operating normally. 

Jorge Miranda Castro, mayor of the capital, said that coordinated work is being done with the Mexican Army, the National Guard and the Secretary of State Security so that the transfer of tourists is carried out normally, shielding the roads since he assured, more than 80 percent of visitors come from neighboring states. 

Regarding the operation of the presidency, tours will continue to be carried out in neighborhoods and work in the town hall will operate normally with guards in all secretariats, since in the words of the mayor, “the dynamics of work cannot be stopped”: 

“In order for us to shield the roads, we must remember that the people who visit us are 80% people from the neighboring states (…) that is why we need to guarantee that the roads are properly cared for, armored so that we do not have no episode that unfortunately scares away tourism.” 

 Source: Meganoticias