Violent day in Zacatecas leaves 14 murders and 11 kidnappings


Between the weekend and today, 12 civilians were shot dead; two state police officers gunned down on public roads; two armed confrontations between gunmen belonging to antagonistic organized crime groups in the municipalities of Jerez and Fresnillo; the deprivation of liberty with violence of at least eleven people in a rural community of Pinos, is the balance of violence that occurred in Zacatecas, between the weekend and this Monday.

The authorities associate the wave of violence with the struggle between members of two organized crime organizations for control of this territory: the Sinaloa Cartel against the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), which does not cease, despite significant operations carried out night and day, in different cities and communities of the state, by members of local police corporations, as well as members of the National Guard and the Mexican Army, reported La Jornada.

Among the most relevant events, on Saturday armed individuals traveling in several cars intercepted and stole two “godmother” trucks on federal highway number 49, at the height of the Zacatecan municipalities of Juan Aldama and Miguel Auza, of which they are used by car companies to transport new vehicles. Until this Monday, the authorities had not located the trailers in which twenty luxury motor units were transported.

On the other hand, on the afternoon of that same day, Gustavo Serrano Osorio, a member of the Municipal Police of Zacatecas, was murdered aboard a truck on Route 14 in the city of Guadalupe, on his day off. Eyewitnesses indicated that the hitman who murdered him got up behind the policeman -at the same stop- and waited to riddle him with bullets several kilometers ahead, when the bus was driving behind the headquarters of the Technological University of Zacatecas, in the Golden Valley colony.

Seven other men were killed during the course of Sunday, in the municipalities of Valparaíso (2), Vetagrande (2), Zacatecas (2), as well as in Villa de Cos (1).

On Sunday night, around 10:30 pm, it transpired that there were two strong-armed confrontations, one between alleged members of the two antagonistic cartels, on federal highway number 23, Fresnillo – Jerez section.

The other between alleged members of organized crime against soldiers of the Mexican army, on federal highway 44, between Fresnillo and Valparaíso, near the Santa Rosa community. No authority reported the balance of deaths, injuries or detainees after these clashes.

For this Monday, a man was tortured, murdered, and beheaded in the Progreso neighborhood of the city of Fresnillo. Also, this Monday in that town, the commander of the metropolitan police (Metropol), José Carlos Flores Solís, was shot to death when he was leaving a Banorte ATM, where his wife and son were waiting for him, on Enrique Estrada street.

Also, this Monday, a woman and a man were riddled with bullets in the Ramón López Velarde community, east of the municipal seat of Calera.

Meanwhile, this Monday afternoon, it transpired that members of the Mexican Army, the National Guard, and state corporations carried out an intense search operation in the community of Estancia de Guadalupe -municipality of Pinos-, near the limits of Zacatecas with San Luis Potosí and Durango, where in the early hours of the day, members of a cartel illegally deprived eleven people of their liberty.


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