Zacatecas is a territory of entrepreneurship says Rodrigo Castaneda Miranda


He mentioned that a strategy has been created with entrepreneurship nodes in different regions, which cover different parts of the State, creating an entrepreneurship territory

Mazatlan. – Within the framework of the Mx 2022 Industrial Forum, the Secretary of Economy of the State of Zacatecas, Rodrigo Castañeda Miranda, assured that Zacatecas is a good territory for entrepreneurship for both micro-enterprises and entrepreneurs of any kind due to training strategies that have been implemented with in order to advise in this area, in addition to covering a large part of the region.

“It is to serve them with a 360 view of a company, that they arrive and they can be given attention from the design issue, the methodologies, the business model; And the parallel to it is financing, which we have, and the development of suppliers”, he informed about it.

He also pointed out that Zacatecas has different factors that are the main constituents of the livelihood of the local economy, under which multiple companies are developed, not to mention that it is also a popular tourist destination in the country due to its history, architecture and Magical Towns. .

“On the economic issue we are an entity that in the context against neighboring states because we have a gap on the issue, but Zacatecas is a power in agribusiness, a mining power, we also have in the mechanical metal sector, which contributes the most” he added.

Castañeda commented that the Governor of the state, David Monreal Ávila, has been directly involved in all the axes for the economic recovery of the State since the beginning of his administration, where one of the main axes is entrepreneurship, for which he has personally led all the applied strategies.

He also added that the State Government is working to implement measures in the face of the wave of violence that is currently being experienced in Zacatecas, which represents a risk for many businessmen in the region and for the consumers themselves.

“Well, the issue of insecurity always has an impact throughout the country, however, there is confidence in the strategy that is being developed in Zacatecas in conjunction with the Federal Government and that even the President of the Republic has mentioned it specifically, so this has been decreasing and it is an issue that gives confidence to both citizens and the business sector to continue working” says the Secretary.

Meanwhile, Zacatecas, like many states, continues to recover economically from the pandemic experienced in the last two years with the arrival of tourism and the reactivation of the State’s commercial sectors, in addition to the possibility of finally holding the Zacatecas National Fair, which represents an important economic benefit. this after having been carried out for the last time in 2019.

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