Admire the magnificent architecture of Pinos, Zacatecas (VIDEO)


Like all mining towns, the irregular natural topography led to the forging of a conglomerate but a charming set of houses that, over time, gave shape and importance to the real estate, giving rise to stupendous religious buildings such as the parish church of San Matías, the temple of Tlaxcalita, that of San Francisco and the one from Santa Veracruz. As well as the convent of San Francisco and other important buildings, the charming squares and its museums of Sacred and Regional Art. Along with these monuments, Pinos has unique traditions, such as its regional fair of San Matías and the Fiesta de Los Faroles, which is celebrated on December 8.

Likewise, its solid roots emerge in its artisanal, musical, and gastronomic folklore, making magnificent textiles, popular colloquiums, Matlachines and Pluma dances, and a moderate distillation of exquisite mezcal.


Pinos joined the Pueblos Mágicos program in 2012.
This Magical Town offers a pleasant tour of its squares and beautiful gardens.​
Pinos was founded in 1594 under the name of Real de Nuestra Señora de Sierra de Pinos.
Pinos is a dozen chacuacos or chimneys that seem "like emerging from the old colonial buildings and the ancient haciendas where metals were processed in those times of mining boom."


St. Matthias Parish
Public Clock Tower
Miguel Hidalgo Garden
San Francisco Garden
Hacienda La Pendencia


Regional Fair of San Matías, is celebrated in the second fortnight of February, the most lavish in the rural region of the state of Zacatecas.
Lantern Festival is celebrated on December 8.


Located 125 kilometers southeast of the capital of the state of Zacatecas.

Source: SECTUR

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