If you’re looking for a genuine Mexico experience away from the crowds, visit Zacatecas



Once a hot spot for silver mining, this colonial city boasts a rich heritage that visitors can experience through local food and cultural sites like Mina El Edén (a 16th-century mine with a rock and minerals museum) and the Museo Pedro Coronel (an art museum).

For an extra special treat, take a cable car to the top of Cerro de la Bufa, where you’ll be rewarded with sweeping views of the city that you won’t believe.

Here the adjective “dazzling” reaches its maximum splendor among lively and splendid streets and alleys bordered by impressive buildings, among which the Cathedral stands out.

Bars, Mexican cafes and restaurants, and international cuisine alike. There is music, street snacks, snow, popular food, sweets; One can enjoy everything in the City Center, the scene of memories and experiences for all the senses that will surely last forever.

 Walk through the streets
 Get lost in its alleys
 Taste a poisoned taco
 Have a mezcal in a canteen
 Do not miss details of the quarry facades and its blacksmith shop.

Source: Zacatecas Travel

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