What to do in the Magical Towns of Zacatecas to celebrate Children’s Day?


Break the routine and celebrate Children’s Day in a very Mexican way

We are a few days away from celebrating  Children’s Day, so today we will tell you what you can do in the six Magical Towns of Zacatecas. 

And it is that just two hours from San Luis Potosí, is this state that enjoys colorful destinations for the whole family.


Its traditional dance of Matlachines makes this the most dancing town of all. Pinos is an important mining town, which preserves a beautiful baroque parish.

In viceregal times, Pinos was an important mining bastion and, today, its buildings are reminiscent of it. Be sure to visit the Parroquia de San Matías, a construction dating from the 17th century, in its basement, you will find the Museum of Sacred Art, a site that houses important pieces such as a 17th-century missal.


Teúl de González Ortega is located just two and a half hours from the city of Guadalajara, it is considered the most delicious of the Magic Towns thanks to its enormous gastronomic wealth.

This wonderful Magic Town welcomes its visitors with a postcard taken from the 18th century. Its churches, mansions, squares, and cobbled streets transport you back in time, giving the feeling of living in another era. The smell of orange blossom that emanates when strolling through the streets of Teúl, full of orange trees, is truly unique, providing this peculiar and unforgettable aroma in every corner of the town.

One of the most popular restaurants in Teúl is Los Jorges, a business that has inherited the family recipe for the delicious Chamorros that can be tasted here and that has become the most requested dish in the area. Another unmissable dish from Teúl is gorditas de viento, a preparation in which, traditionally, entire families participate; from the parents, who carry the firewood and light the oven, the mother, in the kneading of the flour, and the children, who help to gather the oak leaf.

The Manuel Caloca dam, better known as the Ticuata, was inaugurated in 1980 and is currently one of the main tourist attractions in Teúl where visitors can enjoy a suspension bridge, green areas, a viewpoint, a corridor with palm trees. and pines, in addition to having rental service for trajineras, kayaks, and boats for sport fishing.


One of the main reasons why Sombrerete is considered the most photogenic Magical Town is its incredible sunsets that, with its colonial architecture and the surrounding hills, make a wonderful combination to offer the best landscapes in Mexico, worthy of a photo that makes your matchless beauty last.

In this municipality is the impressive Sierra de Órganos National Park, a national protected area that is made up of whimsical rock formations that create natural sculptures, transforming the landscape into a spectacular experience. It is an ideal place for adventurers since you can take walks in the park and spend the night in a tent, or in a cozy cabin under the starry sky.

Photo: @sombrerete_pueblo_magico


Nochistlán is ideal to walk with the little ones through the Morelos Garden and its Municipal Market, where they can find crafts and typical dishes such as chicken a la valentina, jericayas, gorditas or birria; enjoy its large central square, admire its traditional quarry kiosk and enjoy the view offered by the beautiful colonial estates that surround it.

Some of the must-see buildings of this beautiful Magic Town are the Los Arcos Aqueduct, built in the 17th century, which can be visited at dusk to enjoy its illuminated arches; the Casa de los Ruiz, a typical 17th-century building, considered an architectural jewel of this town and a place full of history since it was here that the first call for the Independence of Mexico was given, on October 8, 1810, by the Zacatecan insurgent Daniel Camarena.

In addition, Nochistlán is a land of music and folklore, here you can meet the papaquis, the Jaraberos and enjoy the rhythms of the mariachi, in the Morelos Garden, a place that traditionally houses the popular festivals that characterize this Magical Town.

A curious fact about Nochistlán is that it has more than 100 taquerías in its main draw alone. The variety is very wide, ranging from steamed beef head tacos, birria, ribs, chicharrón, chicken, steak, pastor, chorizo, and even suckling pig, so the offer is wide and for all tastes.

Photo: @nochistlanpueblo


Jerez is the cradle of the typical Zacatecan tambora, which can be heard in every public square of the place; here traditional bands gather to delight passersby. In Jerez you can also enjoy delicious food, the unmissable is the Jerez toast made with a delicious traditional sauce that you can find in almost every corner in small stalls or in establishments with a northern group included, or the Tosticarnes Roy that are made with pork.

You can not stop trying the snow scrapers of the Nevería El Paraíso or the Nieves El Nilo. They are made with crushed ice, seasonal fruit jams, made in an artisanal way; and snow of different flavors. The combinations are as varied as the fruits that can be found at each time of the year.

If what you are looking for is a bit of adventure, the Cardos Adventure Park ecotourism center is located here, an option to enjoy various activities such as ATV tours, zip lines, hanging bridges and even kayaking; all this, framed by the incredible scenery offered by the rock formations, the vegetation and the local fauna. In addition, here you can find various birds, wild boars, deer, and a huge diversity of insects.


Visiting Guadalupe is an experience full of art, history, and culture. These Magical Townhouses the Guadalupe Museum, which houses the most important collection of viceregal art in the country. The museum’s collection is made up of painting, sculpture, feather art, and books, among other materials from the 16th to the 19th centuries.

The Juarez Garden is located in the heart of Guadalupe, it is ideal to take a walk and admire the colonial architecture of its surroundings, such as the parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe. A perfect place for family recreation, where you can enjoy cultural activities, or taste Mexican snacks. 

Source: heraldodemexico.com.mx

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