According to INEGI, the gold production increased by 3.6% in Zacatecas


Gold production in the entity has grown year after year since 2019, the annual variation that is presented in 2020 was 62.3%; now, in 2021, the difference was 3.6%.

According to INEGI data, Mexico’s mining and metallurgical production grew 2.7% in July, compared to the previous month. With respect to the same period of 2020, it also presented an increase of 1.0%. Since the sector has a great impact on Zacatecas, it is not surprising that it obtained encouraging figures. 

Gold production in the entity has grown year after year since 2019, the annual variation that it presented in 2020 was 62.3%; now, in 2021, the difference was 3.6%. The percentage share in the national total was higher in 2020 (19.7%) than in any of the other years, although 2021 was not far from the figure (19.4%). Taking into account the volume in kilos, these were the results:

  • 2019 : 1,167.9  
  • 2020 : 1,895.5
  • 2021 : 1,962.9

Important percentages were registered in the state’s silver production since they exceeded one-third of the national production. So far, 2021 ( 38.8% ) has shown the highest participation since 2019 (38.7%); the decrease in 2020 was mediated by the cessation of work due to the pandemic so that it registered 36.2% participation. Following the trend generated by the crisis, the volume in kg was slightly lower in 2020 (179,361 kg) than in 2019 (196,044 kg) and 2021 (192,597 kg).

Although lead production has not changed greatly in Zacatecas, there is a downward trend. In 2019, fourteen thousand 349 tons were produced; in 2020, thirteen thousand 918 tons; in 2021, thirteen thousand 769 tons. On the contrary, the percentage share showed its best result in 2020 (61.2%), which fell two-tenths in 2021 and remained at 58.6% in 2019.

Copper production represented a lower percentage share in the national total. Even though 2021 was the best year, the percentage remained around 9.1%; in 2020 it was 8.7%; in 2019, 5.8%. The volume in tons was distributed as follows:

  • 2019: 3,654
  • 2020: 5,373
  • 2021: 5,627

Of the ten states with the highest zinc production, Zacatecas has had a percentage share greater than 46% in the three years: 2019, 46.9%; 2020, 47.4%, and in 2021, 46.6%. The volume in tons recorded its highest volume in tons in 2019 (28,700), which decreased in 2020 (27,900) and 2021 (27,806).

Source: Lider Empresarial

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