National Guard seizes weapons in two municipalities of Zacatecas


In the municipalities of Tabasco and Fresnillo, in the state of Zacatecas, agents of the National Guard seized 20 long weapons, three short weapons, five chargers, and 50 useful cartridges.

The first event was recorded at kilometer 183 + 200 of the Guadalajara-Zacatecas highway, in the municipality of Tabasco, Zacatecas; where the federal troops had contact with a vehicle that suddenly turned in the opposite direction when approaching the vehicle control point. They caught up with the car one kilometer away, however, the driver had to time to abandon the vehicle and flee the scene.

When inspecting the car, the national guard officers located 13 long weapons and three short weapons wrapped in transparent plastic, for which they were secured and made available to the Attorney General’s Office based in Zacatecas.

The second action took place at kilometer 018 + 000 of the La Chicharrona-Cuencamé highway, municipality of Fresnillo, where national guard officers stopped a vehicle driven by a woman, who was accompanied by a minor.

When carrying out a preventive inspection, with the support of a K-9 agent, they located inside the unit, seven long guns, five plastic magazines, and 50 useful cartridges, in addition to several pieces for the assembly of firearms.

Faced with the possible commission of a crime, the driver was read the Card of Rights Assisting People in Detention, and the National Registry of Detentions was filled out with the corresponding data and together with the unit and the insured weapons, the woman was made available to the Attorney General of the Republic.

Meanwhile, the minor was presented to the corresponding authority and his legal situation is yet to be determined.

Source: OEM

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