Zacatecas will promote 20 High Impact ventures


For the incubation, development and benefit of the 20 projects, 187 thousand 500 pesos were invested.

From the “High Impact Incubation Zacatecas 2021” program sponsored by the State Secretariat of Economy and  StarCups Zacatecas, the 20 best entrepreneurship ideas with a high impact were selected to provide training, allowing the development of the participating companies. 

Zacatecas will promote 20 High Impact ventures

These so-called “high impact” projects have models developed with technology. These are projects that solve specific problems with different techniques or methods, breaking with traditional entrepreneurship models, presenting originality and above all, high innovation. 

As part of the support and training that will be provided to the projects for two months , the StarCups incubator will provide online sessions on the following topics: 

  • Introduction to high impact entrepreneurship 
  • Introduction to innovation 
  • Purpose of life
  • Introduction to lean startup 
  • Legal basics
  • Tax basics 
  • Introduction to business management 
  • Business Model Canvas 
  • Trademark and intellectual property registration 
  • Emotional Intelligence and Coaching for Entrepreneurs 
  • Basic Finance for Startups 
  • Capital raising for startups 

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Support for state ventures arises from a need to promote successful projects that transform the economy not only of the entrepreneur or businessman, but of all their direct and indirect collaborators .

For the incubation, development and benefit of the 20 projects , 187 thousand 500 pesos were invested , according to the secretary of economy , Carlos Bárcena Pous. The state’s two certified incubators were also highlighted . 

The projects that will be participating are: 

  • Cosmetic honey 
  • CAST consulting 
  • Angelica Alba photography 
  • Quality Solutions Zac 
  • Chiles Lara
  • Holy ice cream 
  • La Martina dried meat 
  • Train
  • Environmental consulting Carson CAC
  • Production of organic fertilizers
  • COMPLEX Group 
  • Heaven pets
  • TSBA “Search Alert Thermo Sensor” 
  • Seguricam
  • Timer for pesticides
  • EcologiBicycle
  • ASEM
  • Solbicel

The municipalities in which these ventures are developed are Zacatecas, Calera, Fresnillo, Valparaíso and Guadalupe. The program is coordinated by the Undersecretariat for Business Development and Financing. Taking advantage of the support and in coordinated work, a diversity of projects will be carried out that improve the state’s economy at different levels.


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