Stolen and burned vehicles in Zacatecas have impacted insurance companies


The national president of women of the Mexican Association of Insurance and Bond Agents (AMASFAC), Mónica Gutiérrez, spoke about the violence that is experienced in Zacatecas, which has had an impact on an increase in the accident rate in insured vehicles in Durango.

“We have had more accidents in the last six months as a result of the violence in Zacatecas, in fact there are many Durango people who work for the mining companies there, and who have to travel from Durango to Zacatecas and vice versa, for work reasons, and they have been victims also of the dispossession of their vehicles with violence. We have 17 cases of robbery from July to this date and apart from four vehicles set on fire, “she established.

In this sense, she said that in these cases the premium that must be paid does not increase, but the coverage by insurers is limited. “For example, it limits the coverage, sometimes it only covers damage to third parties, theft no longer, due to the effect of the accident rate.”

Of the 17 thefts, she informed that they are reported and covered, “insurers have a period of 20 days for recovery and if there is no recovery, then they pay,” she said.

Likewise, on the highway to Zacatecas, the theft of merchandise is also registered, “right now there is a limitation for the carriers that are surrounding Jalisco or Sinaloa, precisely to avoid these risks.”

“Policy payments are really cheap and the cost of the policies is according to the make, model and version of the vehicle, but the costs are relatively low,” she said.

Source: El Siglo de Durango